Database Testing

Database testing is a type of testing that checks the schema, tables, triggers, etc of the particular the database. Database tools available in market such as MS-Access, MS SQL Server, SQL server, Oracle, MySQL will help you to create your own database easily. As these tools as robust in nature and have efficient features. The database is the heart of the software and application. Every individual business requires database where the backend will be processed. To handle this database securely database should be tested initially. As the complexity of any application increases the more secured and stronger the database emerges. For Example Banking, finance application. This process includes testing CRUD operation. So these practices will be wrapped in our database testing training.

Database testing is unpreventable because it helps to save the data from malicious spam, helps to save the data, and do not let the hackers to steal or access any kind of confidential information. As database contains SQL queries and any software application must have database so the tester should also have good knowledge of SQL. Arranging all this in one shelter we will provide you with sql certification exam.

    Why database testing is important?
  • To prevent unwanted SQL injection attacks
  • To prevent unwanted SQL injection attacks
  • To maintain quality of database
  • Verify relationship between entities within database.
    Database testing tools-
  • SQL or No-SQL
  • MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle
  • Selenium
    How to test database?
  • Prepare your test environment
  • Run your test using test runner
  • Check and validate result
  • Write appropriate result

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Database Testing Syllabus

  • SQL SELECT Query
  • SQL Where Clause
  • SQL Order by clause
  • TRUNCATE & DELETE Difference
  • SQL Sub-Queries
  • SQL JOIN's[Must Read]
  • SQL GROUP BY Clause
  • SQL Functions