API Testing

API testing is a practice of software testing which test software directly from their functionality, reliability, working, performance and security. Concepts of appropriate collection & variables in POSTMAN, write test for GET, PUT, PATCH, POST, DELETE requests, setup Java and Eclipse on Windows and much more through hands-on training sessions. Acquiring appropriate knowledge through this sessions will help you to clear API testing certification exam. This API testing course will boost your testing practice in API and will help you to see real-world scenarios of what the actual industry does in API testing.

This course will be much more efficient for beginners as it contains basic fundamentals as well as all aspects of API testing. It will provide work with Postman tool at beginner’s level. Also this course will direct planning and performing API test, developing the pre-test & post-test scripts, and also generating HTML reports. With practical examples all the best practices for effective use of Postman tool will be demonstrated. Our API testing training course focuses to deliver quality training that covers basic fundamentals and practical approach to the API testing.

    Who can take this API Testing course?
  • Fresher’s/Graduates
  • Manual tester
  • Having no programming background.
  • Want to become API tester

    What you will learn?
  • Basic fundamentals of API
  • API working
  • In depth understanding of REST API testing
  • Hands-on experience with the POSTMAN tool.

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API Testing Syllabus

  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Presentation, Business and Database layers
  • What is an API?
  • What is API Testing?
  • Difference between API testing and Unit testing
  • Web services->an introduction
  • HTTP Structure
  • xml and JSON->an overview
  • URI and URL
  • Tools for API Testing
  • Approach of API Testing
  • Challenges of API Testing
  • What to test for in API testing
  • HTTP methods
  • Status codes
  • Example APIs
  • What is REST?
  • Rest Architectural Elements
    REST ASSURED – Basics
  • Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured
  • REST API Test using Rest Assured
  • Validate Response Status using Rest Assured
  • Validate Response Header using Rest Assured
  • Read JSON Response Body using Rest Assured
  • Introduction to SOAP WEBSERVICES
  • SOAP UI /READY API BASICS and installation.
  • Create a Project, Test Suite, Test Case
  • Assertions