Android Development

Android is the most popular operating system used today which is developed by Google. Mainly it is used on smartphones as well as smart devices such as TVs, smartwatch, refrigerator etc. This application development course is for beginners as well as those who are familiar with android development. The target of the android development is to create a successful real-world product that nurtures the mobile experience of end users. Hello mortals! If you are eager about learning android and developing your own application then you are at right place. Android development course in ASIT Solutions will not only provide you with knowledge about android but hands-on training and an end-to-end understanding of design and implementation. We will be providing you with the best android development course with a basic understanding of android fundamentals. At the end of the course, you will be developing your own android application.

Our android development training will accomplish you the solid understanding of tools used in android development like Eclipse, Android studio and debugging tools. You will be learning different layouts and widgets. Understanding how to create applications using SQLite database.Imagine having your own application on playstore and flexing it in front of your friends, amazed right! Now in materiality we are providing best application development course in ASIT Solutions with best practices. Course will be initialized from basic Java programming language to the professional android developer. With the estimated of given time period the course will be fulfill with appropriate syllabus. By completing this course you will be eligible for various job opportunities for android developers.


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Android Development Syllabus

    Lesson 1: Build your first app
  • 1.0: Introduction to Android
  • 1.1: Create Your First Android App
  • 1.2: Layouts, Views and Resources
  • 1.3: Text and Scrolling Views
  • 1.4: Resources to Help You Learn
    Lesson 2: Activities
  • 2.1: Understanding Activities and Intents
  • 2.2: The Activity Lifecycle and Managing State
  • 2.3: Activities and Implicit Intents
    Lesson 3: Testing, debugging, and using support libraries
  • 3.1: The Android Studio Debugger
  • 3.2: Testing your App
  • 3.3: The Android Support Library
    Lesson 4: User interaction
  • 4.1: User Input Controls
  • 4.2: Menus
  • 4.3: Screen Navigation
  • 4.4: RecyclerView
    Lesson 5: Delightful user experience
  • 5.1: Drawables, Styles, and Themes
  • 5.2: Material Design
  • 5.3: Providing Resources for Adaptive Layouts
    Lesson 6: Testing your UI
  • 6.1: Testing the User Interface
    Lesson 7: Background Tasks
  • 7.1: AsyncTask and AsyncTaskLoader
  • 7.2: Connect to the Internet
  • 7.3: Broadcast Receivers
  • 7.4: Services
    Lesson 8: Triggering, scheduling and optimizing background tasks
  • 8.1: Notifications
  • 8.2: Scheduling Alarms
  • 8.3: Transferring Data Efficiently
    Lesson 9: Preferences and Settings
  • 9.0: Storing Data
  • 9.1: Shared Preferences
  • 9.2: App Settings
    Lesson 10: Storing data using SQLite
  • 10.0: SQLite Primer
  • 10.1: SQLite Database
    Lesson 11: Sharing data with content providers
  • 11.1: Share Data Through Content Providers
    Lesson 13: Permissions, Performance and Security
  • 13.1: Permissions, Performance and Security